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European & World Literature Videos

Learn about European & World Literature using Online Video. Use the Subtitles to improve Reading & Literacy Skills .....at the same time!

A selection of 8 of our online European literature videos provides teachers, schools, homeschool and Special Needs students with the opportunity to learn about and study classical world and European literature from the early writings of antiquity through the 20th Century.

Meet the legendary warriors of Greek mythology and discover how myths were created to explain the mysteries of the universe.

Study literature of The Ancient World, The Middle Ages and The Renaissance proceeding on through The Periods of The Romanticism and Realism, Enlightenment and into The 20th Century, and develop an understanding of The Beginnings of Modern Literature.

Witness the emergence of women as novelists, playwrights, and poets and journey to distant planets in the amazing world of science fiction.

Then use our online interactive quizzes to discover what you have learnt and strengthen your understanding of the subject.

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