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Videos on The Rise and Fall of the British Empire

Use online videos to learn about the events of The Rise and Fall of the British Empire. Use the video subtitles to improve Reading and Literacy skills .... simultaneously!

Use these World History videos entitled The Rise and Fall of the British Empire to study the causes and events leading to the rise and then the fall of the British empire.

Learn about the rise and fall of one of history's most glorious empires and its legacies in the colonies it once held. Use these 2 online educational video titles to learn how the small island-nation of Great Britain came to rule a vast empire covering more than one-quarter of the world. Our video presentations trace the rise of the British Empire--from its acquisition of new territories in the 16th Century, to its end in the 20th Century, when its colonies gained independence and the Empire declined. Uncover the legacies of British rule in its former colonies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Survey the economic and political factors that motivated the small island-nation of Great Britain to build a vast colonial empire with subjects in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and the present-day nations of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States.
  • Trace the rise of the once-mighty British Empire from the British exploration of the high seas in search of new markets and wealth through three centuries of colonial acquisitions.
  • Examine the impact of industrialization on the growth of British trade during the nineteenth century and learn how colonial rule affected the life of Britain's social classes.
  • Discuss the factors that led to the local support of independence movements by Britain's colonial subjects and the subsequent decline of the British Empire in the twentieth century.
  • Gain insight to the legacies of British rule in that empire's former colonial possessions.
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