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World History and The Greek and Roman World videos

Use online videos to study the history of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Use the video subtitles to improve Reading and Literacy skills .... simultaneously!

UUse these online elementary World History videos entitled The Greek and Roman World to study the origins and history of two of the world's greatest cvilizations and some of history's greatest thinkers, generals and statesmen.

Use these 4 online educational videos to unearth the origins of two of the world's greatest civilizations and discover the art and political history of classical antiquity. Learn about some of history's greatest thinkers, generals, and statesmen, including Socrates, Caesar, and Constantine. Explore how the culture of ancient Greece gave rise to the Roman Empire, and examine the ways both cultures laid the foundations for the modern world.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the important contributions made to Western civilization by the ancient Greek culture, and explain how the democratic, athletic, and artistic ideals of the ancient Greeks, and their emphasis on learning, continue to influence the world.
  • Gain insight to the cultural impact of Alexander the Great's military conquests, and discuss the cultural significance of Alexandria, Egypt, a city founded by Alexander.
  • Survey the history and acculturation of the Roman Empire, and explain the reasons for the Empire's decline and eventual conquest by invading Germanic tribes.
  • Identify the major achievements of the Roman Empire, including the Empire's governmental organization; military conquests; advances in engineering and architecture; and establishment of the Justinian Code.
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