Online Puberty Video for Girls: From Girl to Woman

Use this online puberty video for girls titled From Girl to Woman to learn about the physical and other changes in girls entering puberty and adolescence

Use this online puberty video for girls entitled From Girl to Woman to learn about physical and psychological changes that occur as girls enter puberty and adolescence.

Girls and young women can use this online educational video title to help to understand the new emotions and the physical changes of puberty as their bodies prepare them for adulthood. Develop an understanding of the physiology of maturation; both the primary and secondary changes of growth pattern, skin, body, hair, and body contour. Discover troubling questions that can be asked of a responsible adult. Learn that there is a wide variation in the range of normal for the changes occurring during puberty. Gain an understanding of the fears and tension that can contribute to the emotional turbulence of pre-adolescence.

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From Girl To Woman