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Animal Classification Videos

Study The Classification of Animals using Online Video. Use the Subtitles to improve Reading & Literacy Skills ... .....at the same time!

A selection of 22 of our online biology videos provides middle-school and homeschool students with the opportunity to study the subject of Classification of Animals.

Study the history and structure of the five-kingdom system of organism classification as you learn how the horse (or Equus caballus) is categorized by kingdom, phylum, subphylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. Learn about phylum Chordata and its subphylum Vertebrata, and why taxonomy is important to the study of animals.

Explore the strange and amazing worlds of single-celled organisms and learn about the Classification of Simple Organisms and Invertebrates, including Echinoderms and Arthropods, Monerans and Protists, Sponges and Coelenterates, Worms and Molluscs.

After watching these online videos students can then use our online interactive quizzes to discover what they have learnt and strengthen their understanding of the subject.

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