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Quiz on Impressionist Art and Music

This online Impressionist Art and Music quiz allows elementary, middle and high school students and teachers to test their knowledge on the history of music and art of the Impressionism period

This online music and art quiz titled Impressionist Art and Music Quiz enables elementary, middle and high school students, children and teachers to test themselves on the history of art and music of the Impressionist period.

Use the Impressionist Art and Music Quiz to test your knowledge about the spontaneity of impressionist art and music, and the similarities between the painters' use of color and light and the composers' use of instrumentation. Explore your knowledge of Impressionist paintings by Degas, Monet, Pissaro, Renoir, and Sisley and Impressionist musical compositions by Debussy, Griffes, Ravel, Respighi, and Stravinsky.

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