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May 2009

Our Videos & Gifted Students

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Many people believe that gifted learners can learn in any environment and that they have no special needs, but Zane Education does not believe that this is the case.

Students who have intellectual, creative, leadership, or physical gifts need to be in settings at least part of the time where they can be challenged by their peers and can have opportunities to develop their capacities even further. In fact even in the classroom, where all students will learn and absorb information at different speeds, there are those students that will grasp the information faster than others, and many argue that if those students are restrained in their learning processes by those students that are not able to understand or comprehend as quickly, they are actually being held back from reaching their full potential.

Providing the information to the child or student in a manner and environment where they can learn at their own speed, and not be restricted by those around them, is key to helping them reach their greatest potential. And this is one of our prime motivations for making our educational and curriculum based videos available for use on-demand.

Our 1,000+ K12 educational online videos cover a wide range of subjects, and cater for a wide range of age groups. Students that are provided with the use of our on-demand video service are able to select and use our videos as and when they either require them, or alternatively want to use them.

The use of video in the education environment provides a whole new dimension to the learning process. Not only does video help to capture and maintain the attention of the student for longer periods of time, it also introduces an element of fun.

Gifted students, and those students that have the ability to learn in a faster manner to that of their peers, will benefit greatly from our comprehensive range of K-12 curriculum video titles on offer.

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