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Jul 2011

Social Media Skills

Your Social Media Skills – You, Education and a Business Opportunity!

I grew up being told repeatedly that if I did not go to College or University and get a Degree, that I would never amount to anything.

Well here is an interesting situation for you to consider. Technology is now moving so fast that many colleges and universities have not had sufficient time to prepare and make available courses that teach about the latest technology.

Let’s look at the growth of Social Media for example.  Few companies, or company owners particularly, have the time in each day to effectively conduct a social media campaign befitting that of the company, or to maintain their own business profile adequately. And no matter what anyone thinks of Social Media, the fact is that the role of the search engine is fast diminishing because of Social Media – making it all the more important as an online marketing tool.

So where are those companies and those company bosses going to go to employ those that have the necessary skills? Well if College or University courses are not up to speed with teaching this, then looking for a person with College or University qualifications in this field is a waste of time. Can they turn to graduates that have marketing skills and marketing qualifications? Well only if those people have taught themselves these Social Media skills and have the relevant experience. So where do those companies go to recruit those with the necessary expertise and experience?

Surely the only place they can go is to those people that have the working knowledge of how to utilise Social Media effectively on a daily basis. And isn’t that many of you that have Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and who are very familiar with the likes of StumbleUpon, Digg, LinkedIn and other similar Social Media websites. And yes, this includes mothers, fathers, sons and daughters all of whom have the ability to provide these specialist services on a consultancy basis? Suddenly having a College or University qualification isn’t so important.

In fact much more relevant is the actual field in which that company has an involvement?

Look at our case for example. Zane Education is the only company in the education market that provides an only library of online subtitled educational video. They provide a much sought after online Visual Learning solution and online testing facility that is positioned to provide huge benefits in schools, homeschooling, Special Needs education, reading improvement and ESL markets. If we were to want to recruit a person (or people) as consultants to look after our Social Media needs, then who better than someone that understands one or more of those markets. Does that sound like you yet?

So isn’t it interesting to consider for a moment, that in this time of high unemployment, there are many of you out there that are eminently employable on a part-time or full-time basis, for the skills you have gained, and continue to gain everyday in this area. Suddenly that College or University qualification is no longer an asset, in fact it may be a liability because you have had the time and motivation to teach yourself these sought after Social Media skills, whereas a full time student, would not have had that time available. And the best part….yes, you are already set up at home to start immediately It might be the time to pick up that telephone!

Incidentally, Zane Education operates an Affiliate program where you can apply to become an Affiliate at no cost. You could also put those Social Media skills to work and earn an income as a Zane Education Affiliate too!

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