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Oct 2013

What is the Right Amount of Homework?

Karl Taro Greenfeld an author from New York was concerned over the sheer amount of homework his 14 year old daughter, Esmee, had to do during a week.  The homework was taking family time and running into meal times, so in order to find out why, Karl decided to take on his daughter’s homework for a week. Karl told the Moms Today website that he just wanted to know what was the actual nature of the work that she’s doing every night?

So, for one whole week during the last school year, Karl took on all the homework that his daughter’s school set. She attends a selective public middle school in New York and the week that the experiment took place was a ‘light week’ according to Esmee. At the end of the week Karl said while he was still concerned about how much time his daughter’s homework took away from the family and her extracurricular activities, he emerged from his week-long experiment with mixed feelings aout the amount of homework.

“I came away mixed, thinking there’s too much homework, but also very impressed by the work teachers and schools are trying to do,” he said. “

Karl is not the only parent to be concerned with the amount of homework that today’s children are set.

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