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May 2009

It’s Been Worth Waiting For!

After two and a half years work by a dedicated team, the Zane Education website has become a reality.

What was originally the contents of 230 K-12 CD-ROM’s published by one of the leading and most established educational software publishers (Zane Publishing Inc), has now been converted into a format which enables it to be delivered and used online.

For those of us involved in the work, it has been a long process that at times has tested our resolve, but the end result is that we are now able to provide students, schools and homeschoolers with arguably the largest catalogue of online educational videos specifically developed for the K-12 education market.

It has been our dream to provide a much better educational option for students of all ages, not only because the dynamic nature of using video is so much more effective at gaining and maintaining the attention of the student than forcing them to read endless pages of text, but also our material has always been specifically designed to enable each student to learn at their own speed and in doing so, enable each student to reach their greatest potential.

During this time and as this project progressed, we have become aware that our completed project offers so much more than we originally anticipated, particularly in the area of educational material for special needs students, students with reading and learning difficulties, students suffering from sight impairments and blindness, and students learning English as a second language.

Each of our 1,000+ videos is deliberately subtitled in such a way that the student can either watch the video and listen to the presentation, or alternatively watch the video and read the subtitles, and it is only as we launch this website that we receive the news that the Availll Institute has released the results of their research that finally it has been recognized the videos that provide subtitles have been shown to definitely help improve the reading and literacy level of the student watching the video. This news comes as a bonus to everyone involved in this project, because it shows that what we have created will have a much greater impact upon the students that use our videos that we ever anticipated.

It’s has been worth the wait! We hope that you and your family agree!

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