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Aug 2010

Only One Front Page ……and 12 different education stories.

I have to apologize for a quiet time on the blog for the last 10 days but we have a dilemma to overcome.

Since we launched this website, an increasing number of people have contacted us and explained just how many different types of students can benefit through using our online educational videos.

Zane Education (Zane Publishing Inc. in it’s former life) has had a well-established name in the school and home education markets since the mid 1990’s. And when we decided to convert our 250 educational CD-ROM’s into online video we always expected that it was the teachers, students and homeschooling families that would be our main customers.

However now that we are using the online video format – and most importantly that all of our videos are subtitled – we are seeing that many other types of students are benefiting from what we have produced. Those children include special needs students, gifted students, the disabled, children with dyslexia and reading difficulties, students with visual impairments, ESL students and especially children whose parents and teachers want to help develop their reading skills.

Zane is not just a company anymore, it is a group of people that want what we have produced to help as many children and students as possible.

So the dilemma has been how on earth is it possible to use the one front page on our website to explain at least a dozen different stories to more than a dozen different groups, all of whom need a particular educational solution to cater for their individual situation.

In the end we decided to write a special presentation for each of the groups and link it to Zane Education’s front page – we have also created a special page here to introduce each of the groups.

Each presentation outlines the benefits, the tangible results, how it works, and the variety of additional ways our online educational video library can be used.

The groups that we have prepared presentations for so far include:

And we will soon also be adding Disabled Students, Autistic Students and several others.

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