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Jan 2011

Educational Video and Social Media

One of the most frustrating things that we have come across in the last 9 months has been launching a website providing what is literally the world’s first subscription based service providing subtitled educational video on-demand for the education market.

While we are the first to appreciate that a lot of video is appearing on the internet over the last 12 months, being able to provide educational videos developed specifically for the K12 curriculum is important. What is significantly more important is that without exception, this is the first educational video that is subtitled.

So what is so important about subtitled video for education? Well research carried out by the Availll Institute has in recent years demonstrated the link between the use of subtitled video and significant improvement in children’s reading and literacy levels. So while the average child will benefit greatly,  Zane Education also provides the ideal solution for students with Dyslexia and other Reading Difficulties in that it not only allows them to absorb and process the information without being held back by having to use textbooks, it also provides the means to overcome and improve their reading abilities. And other Special Needs students and children with austism and other learning disabilites benefit greatly too.

So what has this to do with Social Media. Well it’s all about getting the word out there so people can find what you have on offer and getting traffic to your website. Until the last year or so we have all had to rely on Google and Yahoo. And now there is Bing as well. But that so much relies on being able to get yourself onto the front pages of their search listings – which incidentally now is more unreliable as it has ever been.

So we have decided to adopt the use of Social Media and we started with Facebook. I am now able to use my own Facebook page effectively to engage and create relationships with our markets on a person-to-person basis, and now we also have the Zane Education Facebook page. We have made the decision to use Zane’s Facebook page as a form of neutral territory upon which to conduct a variety of daily activities to entertain and educate. And the response has been wonderful. And if you want to join us on either or both pages it would be great to have you join us.

Not only are we able to target those educational markets that understand and want to use Zane’s K12 educational videos, we are able to develop relationships with them and this has been so rewarding. In fact the wonderful array of teachers, schools and particularly homeschool parents and children that we have got to know on a personal basis has provided us all here with great job satisfaction.

Visual Learning is what Zane Education is all about, and the benefits and greatly improved learning that it offers students and children of all ages also includes Special Needs students and those with Learning Difficulties, children with Autism, students with Dyslexia and other Reading Difficulties, Visually Impaired Students, Hearing Impaired Students and the disabled. Education videos with subtitles and Visual Learning also has so much to offer Reading Improvement, Gifted Students who can now study and learn at their own speed, and yes even ESL students that find that being able to see, hear and understand the context in which each word of their new language offers the opportunity to rapidly increase their English Language skills.

Thankfully we all have the opportunity to rely much less on the search engines now by using and engaging with the many types of Social Media that are becoming available.

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