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Sep 2010

Daily Question Competition – How to Take Part!

Zane Education has a Facebook page and we use it as a place to run our Daily Educational Question Competition which is designed to be fun and educational for parents, teachers and children alike. And you can win some great prizes. The aim of the competition is to help you teach your children or students how to use the Internet to research subjects effectively.

Each day we will pick one question from our online subtitled education videos and interactive quizzes and put it on our Facebook page. The first person with the correct answer wins 3 points, the second receives 2 points, and the third 1 point. The first person to 25 points is the winner.

The prize is a 12-month Gold Membership subscription worth $200 for the ZaneEducation.com website .

After we have a winner we will start each competition again. A tally of those of you submitting a correct answer will be kept here.

If a person wins the competition more than once we allow that prize to be donated to a Special Needs family and this is a great way to help our children experience the joy of giving. We will help you find a recipient if you want some assistance.

NOTE: In order to be fair to all players, we are going to select 2 winners each day…. one from within mainland US and one from everywhere else. If you live outside mainland US, you must start your answer with the name of where you are e.g. Hawaii, UK etc.  It is your responsibility to name where you are otherwise we will not know.


Go to the Zane Education Facebook page and click on LIKE. This will ensure that each question appears each day on your wall. It will also enable you to submit your answer as a comment under the question on our Facebook page.


In addition to this our other regular monthly competition continues with one member on our Facebook page being selected to win our monthly competition prize.

So watch out for each new question every day and get the children involved as part of their day. Get them to work with you to find the answer on the Internet. You’ll all have fun and learn plenty.

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