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Jun 2012

Children’s Activity 48: Flower Press

An Arts and Crafts Activity

Flower pressing is an old art that will captivate your child.

Materials Required:

  • Small flowers
  • Newsprint
  • Heavy book

Optional Materials:

  • Shallow cardboard box
  • Plastic wrap


Flower pressing is an old art that will captivate your child.

First, conduct a nature walk and collect a good sampling of small flowers such as violets, buttercups, daisies, or pansies.

Place the flowers between sheets of absorbent paper, then put the paper under a heavy book (now you see why the flowers have to be small).

Keep the pressure on until the flowers are dried out.

The dried flowers can be used for a variety of decorative purposes, including homemade greeting cards or place mats, or to create works of natural art such as a flower and leaf collages.

Yet another possibility is the flower display, in which you tape or glue the flowers to the back of a shallow box, then stretch plasti wrap over the front and tape it to the back.

Label the name of the flower on the back of the box or on a small piece of paper glued next to the back of the box.

Display the box where it will be seen by visiting friends and family – they’re sure to admire it.


This Childrens Activity is sponsored by Zane Education – the home of online Visual Learning.


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