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Mar 2012

Do You Blog about Education?


Educational Bloggers – We Have a Proposal for you!

If you actively maintain a Blog, or website, that is focused on some aspect of Education including Teaching, Home Education, Special Needs or the use of Technology in Education we have a proposal for you.

What We Do?

Here at Zane Education we use what is currently the largest online library of fully subtitled video developed specifically to teach a wide range of curriculum subjects, to provide a unique  online  subscription-based Visual Learning solution.

The use of properly subtitled video enables each child to choose whether to watch, listen to, or read each presentation, thereby providing for the widest range of Learning Styles and abilities. More importantly though, this enables each student to study each particular curriculum topic, and improve their Reading and Literacy Skills simultaneously – and this is unique!

The use of online video also enables each student to study at their own speed, thereby enabling them to achieve their greatest potential.

With each of our 260+ curriculum topics we also provide online quizzes, interactive video study tools to enable the student to thoroughly explore each topic, Lesson Plans for each topic, free Users Guides for a wide range of specific student requirements, plus a growing selection of other educational resources.

Our use of subtitled educational video and our Visual Learning service provides significant benefits for students of all ages and abilities in the classroom, homeschooling, a wide variety of Special Needs, reading improvement, and for students studying English as a second Language.

Why We Want You?

If you are the owner of a education-related Blog or website, then it is likely that you share our passion for education – and for children having access to online educational resources that make their learning more interesting and enjoyable, that will maintain their attention, that will stimulate their interest in their own education – and that provide a more effective way of learning.

But just because a Visual Learning such as ours is available online, it does not mean that those children and students know where to find us. Reviews provide a solution to this.

Rather than paying ridiculous amounts of money for advertising which would only impact on the price we charge for our service,  we would much prefer to take an innovative approach to keeping our subscription prices at an affordable level, by offering you the opportunity to independantly review our Visual Learning service on a totally unbiased basis, so we can then pass on those benefits and rewards to you, your students, or family.

So are you interested?

What We Are Offering?

If you are interested we will firstly provide you with full access to our service at no cost to enable you to see exactly what we provide, and then write your impartial review. And, if it makes your job easier, we will provide you with a full description of what each part of our service does, and any graphics or banners you might want to use.

Following that, if you would like to use what our service provides for your students in the classroom, or your children at home, then we will provide you with an Annual subscription at no cost to yourself.

In addition to that, if you are aware of any schools, educational institutions, charitable organizations, Special Needs facilities (particularly in deprived areas) or homeschool families that could benefit from using our service but cannot afford it, then we will also consider providing the use of our service to them at no cost. And we are more than happy for you to take the credit for arranging this, because at the end of the day it is the end result and helping those children, that we are most concerned about.

If you are interested in using your blog or website to run promotions or competitions to encourage and incentivize your readers, then we will be happy to sponsor you with the necessary prizes.

And if you have any other ideas that you would like to discuss with us, then don’t hesitate to let me know.

You Want to Proceed?

If you like our proposal, all you need to do is procede as follows:

  1. Go to the Contact page on our website and use the contact form to send me your name, your email address, plus the name and link for your blog, or website. Please mark that message “Attn: Nicholas Tee”. I will then reply providing you with my direct email address, and answers to any question you have.
  2. Please then go to the Zane Education website and complete the free Registration for Basic Membership, and then email me the Username you have chosen. This will enable me to go into our system and attach the first subsciption to your Registration.
  3. You will then have full access to our website and be able to write your review. When you have completed and published that review with any graphics or links that you need from us, please simply email me directly to confirm this, and if you then want to take advantage of the free annual subscription, tell me and I will attach that to your account – again at no cost.
  4. If after that you want to take advantage of any of the other benefits on offer, you only need to email me again with the relevant details of what you require, and I will organise it for you.

PLEASE NOTE: We also operate an affiliate program that is free to join and enables us share a percentage of each sale with you. This would enable you to either create an additional income for yourself, or alternatively donate the proceeds to a charity that you might support. The choice is yours; we simply provide you the option.

We look forward to hearing from you.  And thanks for your interest.

 Nicholas Tee

Zane Education


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Sandra Wozniak
12 years ago

I have a few questions:
1. Do you mind if the blogs are cross posted (in other words, I can also post on my own site and I am also a featured blogger on Technology Integration in Education (TIE) site?
2. I write curriculum for a web tool called SCAN on TregoEd.org. I can see how students, in particular our exceptional learning students could benefit to these videos being attached to our lessons. Do you think we could make that happen?

Sandra Wozniak

12 years ago
Reply to  Sandra Wozniak

Hello Sandra – Thanks for the questions. In regrads to your first question, that is absolutely fine. And similarly if there is anything about what you are doing that you would like published here, I am fine with that too. This is all about creating mutual benefit. In regards to your second question. Yes, I think we could make that happen, certainly. In that situation feedback would be valuable so that as we continue to improve what we have, that we do it with the advice of experts like yourself. It would also be appropriate I guess for us to… Read more »