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Elementary Library Skills Videos

Learn how to use the Encyclopedia, the Almanac, the Atlas & Dictionary using Online Video. Use the Subtitles to improve Reading & Literacy Skills .....simultaneously !

Elementary Library Skills Videos

Zane Education provides 4 online Elementary Library Skills videos to teach elementary students to learn How to Use the Encyclopedia, How to Use the Almanac, How to Use the Atlas and How to Use the Dictionary, all of which have specifically developed for the purpose of teaching these subjects online.

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We provide a Visual Learning solution using these Library Skills videos that also includes a Lesson Plan, and online interactive quiz testing for each Library Skills topic.

Each video is subtitled which provides each student with the option to learn by watching, listening to, or reading each presentation - according to their preferred Learning Style. This ensures that their study of each Library Skills topic is both interesting and effective.

BY providing for a range of Learning styles, you will find that these Library Skills videos are of interest to children of all ages and ability.

Library Skills
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Library Skills