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Romanticism Art and Music Quiz

This online Romantic Art and Music Quiz allows elementary, middle and high school students and teachers to test their knowledge on the history of art and music from the Romantic era

This online music and art quiz titled the Romanticism Art and Music Quiz enables elementary, middle and high school students, children and teachers to test themselves on the history of Romanticist music and Romanticism art.

Use  the Romanticism Art and Music Quiz to test your knowledge about the intensity of 19th-century romanticism, captured in dramatic operas and orchestral works, and the vibrant colors and compelling subjects of this era's paintings. Explore your knowledge of brilliant paintings by Constable, Friedrich, Gericault, Goya, and Turner from the Romantic era, and Romanticist musical compositions by Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Mendelssohn, and Wagner.

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