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Aug 2010

Video Review: Science: Elementary Science: Animals

This topic is found on www.zaneducation.com in the Elementary Science category at Science>Elementary Science>Animals . There are six videos in the series: Animals (an introduction) Fishes, From Sea to Land, Insects, Birds and Mammals.

The six videos provide the following Learning Objectives:

  • Study the characteristics that distinguish mammals from other animals.
  • Survey the four largest insect groups:  beetles, moths and butterflies, bees and ants, and flies and mosquitoes.
  • Learn about the adaptations that enable birds to survive in their environments.
  • Trace the evolutionary development of reptiles and amphibians.


  • 85-minutes multimedia presentation
  • 710 images

Suitable for:

Grades K-3 / up to age 8


With these videos your child will explore the magic world of animals with the help of two boys, Carlos and Henry, who one sunny afternoon discover they can step into their favorite animal book! Maggie the talking barn owl introduces the two boys to the animal kingdom, and they start to learn about mammals, fish, amphibians, birds and insects and how animals get their food and raise their young.

I particularly liked the way the videos contain sub-titles that can help improve your child’s reading age without them even being aware of it! A big bonus if your child is a reluctant reader! The ability to both see and hear new words helps the child to rapidly become familiar with them, and develop their vocabulary of key terms.

Overall the title is presented in a child friendly manner and contains the information needed by a third grader.  It’s not flashy but it is effective.  I think kids will enjoy the quizzes – my six year old Lucy, had great fun doing them.  You can also choose to have the results emailed to you which she thought was very cool!

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