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Mar 2012

Do You Blog about Education?


Educational Bloggers – We Have a Proposal for you!

If you actively maintain a Blog, or website, that is focused on some aspect of Education including Teaching, Home Education, Special Needs or the use of Technology in Education we have a proposal for you.

What We Do?

Here at Zane Education we use what is currently the largest online library of fully subtitled video developed specifically to teach a wide range of curriculum subjects, to provide a unique  online  subscription-based Visual Learning solution.

The use of properly subtitled video enables each child to choose whether to watch, listen to, or read each presentation, thereby providing for the widest range of Learning Styles and abilities. More importantly though, this enables each student to study each particular curriculum topic, and improve their Reading and Literacy Skills simultaneously – and this is unique!

The use of online video also enables each student to study at their own speed, thereby enabling them to achieve their greatest potential.

With each of our 260+ curriculum topics we also provide online quizzes, interactive video study tools to enable the student to thoroughly explore each topic, Lesson Plans for each topic, free Users Guides for a wide range of specific student requirements, plus a growing selection of other educational resources.

Our use of subtitled educational video and our Visual Learning service provides significant benefits for students of all ages and abilities in the classroom, homeschooling, a wide variety of Special Needs, reading improvement, and for students studying English as a second Language.

Why We Want You?