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Jan 2012

Online Visual Learning: Unique & Affordable

K-12 Educational Video with Subtitles Provides Improved Online Learning

A new online Visual Learning service to develop four specific and easily recognisable Visual Learning brands has been launched online by Zane Education at www.ZaneEducation.com .

The four easily identifiable channels; Zane Classroom, Zane Home Education, Zane Special Needs and Zane ExtraCurriculum, provide the education market in America and a range of other countries with a set of effective Visual Learning tools that can be used in different ways to benefit school and home educated children, children with a wide range of Special Needs, and students studying English as a Second Language.

At the core of the service is Zane’s unique educational video library, which is one of the few providers of education video that has been developed specifically for teaching the K-12 curriculum. This collection of educational video is unique in that Zane is the first online learning company to realize the importance of, and provide subtitles and closed captions for all of their education video.

More than 30 years successful research on subtitles and closed captions on video has been completed by people such as the late Alice Killackey of the Availll Institute and Dr.Brij Kothari amongst others, establishing the link between the use of closed captions on video, and improved reading and literacy skills. However Zane Education has been the first elearning company with the necessary resources to provide that closed captioning on education video, so as to enable children and students to study a wide range of curriculum topics – and improve their reading and literacy skills simultaneously.

The use of Visual Learning combined with the use of dedicated subtitles provides for the widest range of Learning Styles but it offers far more than simply providing children with the choice of learning by watching, listening to, or reading each presentation. This solution also provides the added benefit of ensuring that children can learn and study at their own speed – which is the key to enabling every child to achieve their greatest potential – gifted children particularly. And in turn, it also encourages the development of independent learning skills.

The key to unlocking the true educational potential of this set of Visual Learning tools in the online learning market, is largely dependent on how the tools are used with each different child. This is particularly important in the education of Special Needs children. To assist the teacher, parent or caregiver Zane has published a comprehensive set of User Guides which are all freely available to download on their downloads page.  While it is immediately obvious how Visual Learning benefits those students with Dyslexia that now number 1 in every 8 students in America, being able to provide online education for the child with autism, or the student with ADD or ADHD, is not always so eaily recognisable. Therefore it is those parents seeking online education for many types of Special Needs children that will find these free Educational Guide Books extremely valuable.

Being a company that particularly cares about the education of children of all ages and abilities, Zane Education has also been particularly mindful of affordability. Homeschoolers and home educators are provided with the opportunity to reduce their total cost of homeschooling to literally $200 per year – for the whole family. And schools and teachers are also very much in the forefront of Zane’s mind with a more affordable elearning solution for schools with an innovative move to allow teachers of classes of up to 25 to use purchase online subscriptions at the same price as families. With more than 94% of teachers regularly using and now regularly wanting educational video in the classroom, there are already signs that this is being received well.

Zane Education’s effort to provide both the best educational benefits and greatest value for teachers, parents and caregivers has seen them publish free Lesson Plans for each of the 260 curriculum topics they teach. Register for a free basic Membership and everything is at your fingertips.


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