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Sep 2010

Learning Using Online Video …or A Spoonful of Sugar..

A spoonful or sugar helps the medicine go down, the medicine go down…and so on. Who remembers that song?

If you do, you don’t need to own up to it …….. because of course it comes from the very popular Mary Poppins movie from years ago, and if you do remember, the chances are that you are nearly as much an antique as me.

Anyway the reason I’m asking is because I meet so many people that have not even considered for one minute using online educational video to help teach their children, and they virtually all have similar questions like “so what’s it like?” or “How effective is it?”.

And I generally start my reply by using that line “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down” …… and here’s why!

Most children have subjects that they like learning less then others. And some children don’t like the word ‘learning’ period. And this is when those parents with the supreme parenting skills find a way to sweeten the pie. They look for ways to provide an incentive for their child …and they look for ways to make learning that subject more fun.

And that is just what using online education video accomplishes …. it introduces that element of fun into learning. But at the same time it achieves much more.

Video generally helps attract a child’s interest and maintains their attention for much longer periods of time.

Providing access to online educational video for your child also helps develop their independent learning skills….. and it provides a way for them to investigate those subjects for which they have a greater interest and talent.

And for those children that are being held back through dyslexia or reading difficulties…it provides a very real solution.

And that’s one of the main reasons we started Zane Education….to use our vast resources of educational video to make learning more fun, and more effective for our own children …and yours too.

We then add a couple of more spoons of sugar with our online quizzes.

Okay they provide a way of letting you or your child see what they have remembered from each video, but they also provide you (the parents or teachers) with a way to introduce an element of competing. And 99% of children love, and respond to the element of competition. Used correctly, it can accomplish a lot when it comes to developing your child’s sense of self-esteem.

So if you have never thought of trying the use online educational video to reinvigorate your child’s interest in their own education, Zane Education provides you with that opportunity. You might just be as surprised as we were at the results!

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