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Jul 2011

Free Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans Now Provided Free by Zane Education

Online K12 education video provider Zane Education is in the process of adding a range of new educational tools and resources to complement and enhance the value of using their online curriculum-based educational video library. The latest addition is the introduction of free Lesson Plan guides for each of the 260 topics that are taught using their online videos.

The company made a decision to provide these Lesson Plan Guides for downloading at no cost, firstly to help reduce the cost of homeschooling, but also to enable homeschool parents and teachers in the classroom to spend more time doing what they do best – teaching and homeschool parenting. By providing these Lesson Plans to subscribers of their ondemand Visual Learning service, the company wants to enable teachers and homeschool parents to use the Lesson Plans as the framework to teach and explore each particular topic, then use the online K12 video as the means to deliver the facts in the same way that a text book would, thereby leaving them with more time to explore the other activities provided for in the Lesson Plan, and to actually interact with those children that require more help.

It serves no purpose for a teacher or homeschool parent to try and be the ‘walking textbook’ spending so much time attempting to deliver the facts, when a video not only does it far more effectively but it also enables each child to study at their own speed and thereby achieve their greatest potential.  Instead, teacher or homeschool parent can download the Lesson Plan, and while the child or student is using the video (or the interactive quizzes that are provided for each topic) they can be focusing either on answering any questions that the child might have, or by preparing for the next activity outlined in the Lesson Plan.

Zane Education’s freely downloadable Lesson Plans include:

  • The Learning Objectives of studying that topic
  • Basic Review Questions
  • Key Glossary Terms (used within the video)
  • An Item relating to the Topic for Discussion
  • An Issue relating to the Topic for Debate
  • A Research Assignment
  • An Activity relating to the Topic
  • An Essay Assignment

Additional tools that are being developed and added to the website to use in conjunction with the online video and the Lesson Plan include an interactive word glossary tool, an encyclopedia, a dictionary , a thesaurus, a Literary Arts guide and an interactive version of the Bible.

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Danica Williams
Danica Williams
9 years ago

Thanks so much for this information on the Lesson Planning Guides that Zane provides to supplement the use of their online education videos as a teaching tool.

The effort you make on providing some very useful articles is really appreciated.