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Aug 2012

Children’s Activity 85: Indy 500 Balloon Race

An Indoor Play Activity

Here is a great balloon activity you can sponsor without having to find a helium tank.

Materials Required:

  • Large balloons
  • Straw
  • String
  • Chairs


Here is a great balloon activity you can sponsor without having to find a helium tank.

Tape a short length of plastic straw to the top of each balloon.

Set up pairs of chairs a room-length apart, and cut string long enough to stretch between the backs.

Feed the string through a straw on one of the balloons, then tie the ends to a pair of chair backs.

Repeat this procedure for each player, then start the clock.

This time everyone will have to blow the balloons while walking.

One important rule: Players may not touch the balloons in any way.

On your mark, get set, blow!

(This game is intended for older children only. Younger children should not play with balloons because of the possibility of suffocation.)


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