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Aug 2012

Children’s Activity 86: Initial Game

An Indoor Play Activity

Here’s a game that requires only a few sheets of paper and some pencils. But lots of fun and very good for developing your child’s imaginative and creative skills.

Materials Required:

  • Paper
  • Pencils


Here’s a game that requires only a few sheets of paper and some pencils.

Draw a vertical line down the left-hand side of one of the sheets; on the left-hand side of that line, write the alphabet.

When you’re done, think of a letter at random.

On the right-hand side of the line, write that letter across from the letter A at the top of the page – then continue alphabetically until you pass Z, start again at A, and exhaust all 26 letters.

Duplicate the sheets for as many people as are playing.

You should then be left with two or more identical sheets with columns along the left-hand side that look something like this.

KA (etc.)

The challenge is to come up with as many celebrities, historical figures, or friends known to all players as possible – with initials that match your list.

For instance, GW could translate to George Washington; DT might be your family friend David Tucker.

Have the person who made the list call out the initials.

Everyone can work together to think of people to match each pair.

Finally, count how many you come up with at the end and go back and fill in the impossible pairs with silly entries like “Henry Xissinger.”


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