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Jul 2012

Children’s Activity 80: Ice Cream Vendor

An Indoor Play Activity

With this activity, you can help preserve an endangered species ­ the old-fashioned ice cream cart.

Materials Required:

  • Large cardboard box
  • Sheet of cardboard (or box flaps)
  • Thin cardboard sheet
  • Ice cream cones
  • Toilet paper tubes


With this activity, you can help preserve an endangered species ­ the old-fashioned ice cream cart.

Take a box at least two and a half feet long by a foot and a half or so wide and high.

Cut a flap midway down on top, and fold it back to create a door into the body of the box.

Cut out wheels about five inches in diameter from a piece of heavy cardboard.

Affix the wheels with brads or pipe cleaners so they turn. (If you use brads-those metal joint connectors – be sure to keep the pointed edges inside the box, and remember that small, swallowable parts should be kept away from younger chil­dren.)

The wheels are really just for decoration; mount them so they just touch the ground.

Have your child decorate the cart with crayons, markers, or tempera paint.

All you need now is the inventory.

Make some ice cream cones: roll up thin cardboard to make the cone, and tape or glue a wad of paper on top for the ice cream.

Don’t forget popsicles: tape recycled sticks to toilet paper tubes. Of course, you’ll want to provide some napkins. This kind of ice cream can get pretty messy!

And if your child does a good job seeling those ice cream cones, maybe you’ll want to reward their had work with a couple of real ones?


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