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Aug 2012

Children’s Activity 90: Invent an Animal

An Indoor Play Activity

This activity will definitely stretch your child’s imagination to the limits.

Materials Required:

  • Paper
  • Crayons or markers
  • Notebook


This activity will definitely stretch your child’s imagination to the limits.

Pose different requirements for animals, and see how your child solves them.

For example, how about an imaginary animal that lives on the land, but likes to submerge himself in water.

The animal can’t hold his breath – and must inhale air. What kind of beast might fit the bill?

Some possible answers: one with nostrils on top of his head, or a nose like a trunk that works like a snorkel, or a snorkel tube on his back.

How about an animal that can fly fast and run fast-wings would get in the way of fast running, and long legs might get in the way of fast wings.

Possible answers: an animal with wings with feet on the tips, or legs that actually change into wings.

Have your child assign a name to some of the creatures and sketch them if he or she is so moved.

Collect everything in a “strange zoo” notebook – and add this to your child’s collection of creative works.

Invent-an-Animal is an Indoor Play activity that’s great for developing your child’s creativity and imagination and will be the source of much laughter.


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