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Aug 2012

Children’s Activity 93: Judy’s Clay

An Arts and Crafts Activity

This recipe for homemade clay allows you to “fire” any objects your children make in your kitchen stove.

Materials Required:

  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Poster or tempera paints

Optional Materials:

  • Cookie cutters
  • Plastic container


This recipe for homemade clay allows you to “fire” any objects your children make in your kitchen stove. (A grownup job.)

To make Judy’s Clay, have your child mix four cups of flour, one cup of salt, and one and three-quarters cups of water.

When the material has a nice even texture, roll it out, then let your child get down to business with some shaping activities. Supply cookie cutters and plastic containers for making imprints (plastic strawberry baskets make neat patterns).

If the kids are making ornaments or other treasures to be hung from a string, remind them to punch a small hole in the object.

Once your kids are done with their masterpieces, bake the clay at 200 degrees for about three hours.

It’s important to keep the temperature low and the baking time long; you’re evaporating the water. (Again: managing the oven is not for kids.)

Once the objects have cooled, use poster paint or tempera paint to decorate them.

Thanks go to Judith Burros for this recipe – her kids’ homemade clay Christmas ornaments are just as good today as they were 20 years ago.

Judy’s Clay is one of those Arts and Crafts activities that’s great to stimulate your childrens creative urges and help develop their manual dexterity.


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