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Aug 2012

Zane Education Reviews

Reviews of Zane Education by Educational Blogs Provides Valuable Insight into Benefits of Visual Learning

The results of independent reviews recently carried out of the Zane Education website and their online visual learning solution by a random selection of 100 different education-related blogs has now been published.

Zane Education is rapidly becoming known and recognised as the owner of the largest fully subtitled online educational video library currently available online. Their use of this online educational video library – which was developed specifically to teach a comprehensive selection of curriculum topics, provides an extremely effective and highly beneficial means  of Visual Learning that can benefit all children, and not only those with special needs, dyslexia or reading disabilites.

Access to these blogs is provided easily at one central location: Zane Education Review Blogs.

In considering Zane Education as a provider of online educational video, it is also worth looking at the results of a recent survey which identified all of the main online video providers, and compared those which are a serious player in the educational video market, and those that are just amassing videos from a wide range of sources, and certainly offer nothing more. This handy comparison chart of online educational video services allows you to quickly identify which companies are worth using for teaching, and which aren’t.

Independent reviews are always a very useful way of identifying whether a product lives up to the claims made by the company, and in this situation the sheer number of independent blogs that have published these reviews certainly appear to point to Zane Education being an online educational resource worthy of serious consideration.


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