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Oct 2013

Young People in the UK are Not What They Were

Do you remember when you first started work, that very first day? I guess that you made sure you arrived on time and you were careful about how you were dressed. I imagine that you made a real effort to show willingness and you asked lots of questions. That’s just how it was back then. However, a recent report in the UK says that Young People in the UK these days have no idea what to expect when they enter the wold of work.

A report published by OECD stated that there is a shrinking pool of talent entering the UK workforce and UK young people lag behind their international competitors in terms of literacy and numeracy.  I have seen this at first hand. Here in the UK there is very little homework or home study expected whereas in both China and the Philippines I have seen students spending hours studying at home.

This is where we are falling behind. Parents either do not have the time to spend working with their children on schoolwork during the evening or lack the ability. If we are to remain competitive in the UK, then this is a situation that must be overcome. Young People in the UK are going to find themselves edged out or work by their peers from other European countries if they do not change.

So, how do you as a parent help your child? Well, first of all you must be aware of what your child is studying, by attending school open days and talking to teachers. You need to talk to your child about the work they are doing and ideally find resources that will re-enforce the skills they learn at school. Books, trips to historical locations, obviously subscribing to Zane and using it in a structured way, working through subjects in order. All of these can make a big difference to your child.

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