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Nov 2011

Visual Learning

Visual Learning and Learning Styles – The Power and The Glory

Zane Education provides a highly effective online visual learning solution using subtitled educational video, quizzes, video study tools and free lesson plans. They provide online learning for 11 different subjects and 260+ topics, with more material being added all the time.

Schools, teachers, homeschoolers and students across the United States and in other countries are using Zane Education’s Visual Learning solution in their homes and classrooms as a valuable and trusted teaching resource.

While Zane Education offers an extremely affordable online learning solution with a single price subscription per family – irrelevant of the number of children involved and which literally slashes the cost of home education – the main reason they are becoming increasing popular is because Zane understands that each child has a preferred learning style, and that by using subtitled video to teach any topic, they are able to provide each child with the opportunity to process that information in the most effective way. In other words, each child is given the choice of watching, listening to, or reading each video presentation.

So the single most important feature of Zane Education’s Visual Learning solution is that it effectively provides and caters for virtually every learning style – with the exception of kinaesthetic learning, or learning by touch.

The second most important – and unique – feature that Zane Education’s Visual Learning solution provides are the subtitles on each of their videos. Research over the last 30 years has adequately demonstrated that the use of subtitles on video has the ability to significantly improve reading and literacy skills. This means that what Zane Education offers, enables each child to learn each topic and improve their reading and literacy skills – at the same time.

And the third – and extremely important – additional benefit is that this style of visual learning enables children to study at their own speed – and thereby achieve their greatest potential.

Zane’s Visual Learning solution is extremely beneficial for all children and students of all ages – especially where reading difficulties or Dyslexia are involved.

However it also excels and should be considered as an essential online learning solution for virtually all Special Needs children.

Zane Education is also experiencing increasing demand from students either studying English as a Second Language or children with English Language difficulties – and this is where the student being able to watch and see the words as they are spelt and spoken, hear how they are pronounced, then read and understand the context in which they are used, makes this a particularly versatile and valuable, form of online virtual learning.

Zane Education provides the use of its online visual learning using a subscription system. It offers a choice of Memberships from a free basic membership which provides users access to all their free Math video, free use of all the quizzes for the 260 topics, and demo versions of the videos teaching all of their 260 topics. To use the full versions of Zane’s online subtitled videos requires a very cost-effective subscription upgrade to a choice of Gold, Silver or Bronze Memberships enabling the user to use all of the videos, or choose per subject or per grade.

Consider for a moment if your child or student is displaying one or more of the following signs:

  • Disinterest in their education
  • Lack of interest in attending classes
  • An unwillingness to take part in learning activities
  • An inability to remember information
  • Displaying unsociable behaviour
  • Depression
  • Or any other unexpected, inexplicable or out-of-the-norm behaviour

…..these are all signs of a child being expected to perform in a manner that does not come naturally to them. And this can often be directly related to them being expected to conform to a learning style that is not their own.

Think for a moment how easily we as adults will pick up a book, watch the television or listen to someone speak about a subject that we are interested in. We are choosing the learning style that we prefer, and in that situation learning comes easily, and it is enjoyable. Our children are no different. Don’t they deserve the same basic choices that we take for granted?

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