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May 2009

Our Videos & Homeschooling

homelaptopIrrespective of the method of homeschooling you feel best meets your needs, and regardless of your motivations for homeschooling, one of the most important considerations must surely be the format that is used to provide the relevant material to the student.

While books and written material surely have their place and their benefits, it is important to provide that material in a format that is firstly going to capture and maintain their attention – and hopefully make the learning process fun, and secondly providing that material in a manner that enables the individual student to learn and absorb the information at their own pace, thereby enabling that student to reach their greatest potential.

While there are significant benefits in having a private tutor that can provide a one-on-one learning experience, for most homeschooling families that is simply not a viable option. And even if it were, the opportunity to find a tutor with the skills and ability to teach a range of subjects effectively are indeed limited.

It is for these and many more reasons, that video must surely offer a premium solution for those interested in providing the best homeschool teaching option for their children.

Video has been shown to be far more effective at capturing and maintaining the attention of the student than relying on reading written material. And the use of video can introduce fun to the learning process.

Of course video offers the single most important benefit of enabling the homeschool student to learn at their own speed, thereby enabling them to reach their greatest potential. No more being held back by other students that absorb and understand the material at a slower speed. The use of educational video on demand, in other words being able to watch and use that video at the time that suits the homeschool student, enables them to make the best use of their day and thereby maximising the effectiveness of their individual study schedule.

But of course reading has its place, and to simply rely on video by itself would arguably limit the learning process. It is for this precise reason that Zane Education provided a distinct style of sub-titling on all their educational videos. While the student can listen to the audio presentation on each video, they also have the option to also read the sub-titling. This ensures that the homeschooler using the video, is able to understand and come to terms with the meaning and spelling of various important words and phrases.

And of course those homeschool students that are learning English as a second language will benefit greatly from being able to develop a better usage and understanding of the English language, while they are learning each individual subject.

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