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Nov 2013

A Powerful Educational Tool

Last night I was laying in bed thinking about the Zane Education service. I work for Zane in the UK so obviously I think a lot about the products we offer, but last night it suddenly hit me exactly how powerful a tool these videos/quizzes and other resources are. I was thinking back to when I was at school and I remember how I felt when I sat down to study. Looking at that pile of books in front of me would being a sense of depression upon me. there were so many more exciting things I would like to have been doing at that moment. 

Now, that was many years ago, in an age where we did not have the plethora of electronic gadgets that fill the lives of kids today. Today children are used to receiving information on the things that interest them through TV, Video, Video Games and books tend to be where they learn about things that don’t interest them. So of course, in a world where books are seen as a chore and not a joy, children start the study process with a negative attitude.  Now, the Zane Videos are presenting the academic topics in a fashion that is more akin to how they learn about the exciting things in their life and will therefore be more warmly received.  This makes the Zane Education system a very powerful tool for all children.

That reminds me, I was watching a video last night from a well known educationalist that put forward the concept that children playing video games is an excellent educational process, in that all video games are a sequence of problems and the child learns to overcome the problems in order to succeed at the game. Now if we could make the games relate to the academic curriculum, well that would be a really powerful educational tool, when you consider how long children will play those games for (if given the chance).


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