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Aug 2012

Children’s Activity 99: Kids’ Circus

An Indoor Play Activity

If your child likes the circus, you can sponsor one right in your own living room or play room.

Materials Required:

  • Sheet or blanket
  • Stuffed animals
  • Boxes
  • Plastic containers/cups
  • String

Optional Materials:

  • Face paints
  • Adult T-shirt and sneakers


If your child likes the circus, you can sponsor one right in your own living room or play room. Here are some suggestions:

Make a Big Top by throwing a sheet over a table – or place six chairs in a circle, then drape a sheet over the backs.

Fill the tent with plenty of stuffed animals (the performers).

If you have face paints, you can make your child up as a clown; one of your T-shirts and shoes will make a fine outfit.

You can also provide some boxes for the stuffed animals to sit in.

Connect the boxes with string, and you have a circus train.

Turn some round plastic containers or cups upside down when it’s time for the tricks to begin.

If your child has a stuffed animal tiger or lion, make a cage, then unleash the beast so your child can perform feats of daring.

Of course, you’ll need some refreshments, so whip up some popcorn.

Then hand out tickets – which your child has decorated – to other siblings, friends, relatives, etc.

At our house we have one important rule – all circus performers also perform cleanup duty. That’s show biz.

Kids’ Circus is a great Indoor Play activity that will stimulate your childrens creative and imaginative skills and abilities. And it will provide a lot of fun and entertainment.


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