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Aug 2012

Children’s Activity 92: Jet Races and Others

An Indoor Play Activity

This activity involves absolutely no skill; “winning” is a matter of pure luck.

Materials Required:

  • Balloons
  • String, yarn, or tape

Optional Materials:

  • Crayons or markers
  • Paper bags
  • Straw


This activity involves absolutely no skill; “winning” is a matter of pure luck.

Use string, yarn, or tape to create targets or finish lines on the floor.

Then blow up a balloon for each child (you can also play this with a single kid).

Count down from three – at “go,” everyone lets fly with a balloon.

The object will depend on your surroundings; you may opt to try to get the balloons to land in a target zone or cross the finish line.

For variety, you might choose to decorate lightweight paper bags, blow up the balloons inside them, and release.

Hint: the bags must be as light as possible ­ trim or tear away any excess paper not needed to hold the balloon.

Another twist on this idea involves attaching a two-inch length of straw to the empty paper bag.

Pass an 8 to lO-foot-long piece of string through the straw, then stretch the string between two chairs.

Pull the bag to one end, blow up the balloon inside the bag (but do not tie it) and then let go.

Do this with two sets of chairs at a time, and presto: balloon raceways!

Have fun, but don’t take things too seriously – it’s all just hot air.

(This game is intended for older children only. Younger children should not play with balloons because of the possibility of suffocation.)

Jet Races is one of those Indoor Play activities that’s not designed to do anything special except have a great time and some fun with your kids.


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Bonny MacDonald
Bonny MacDonald
9 years ago

This activity is great fun, I use it with my 2 kids and it never fails to put a smile on their faces. You guys at Zane Education have certainly provided a huge resource of childrens activities here in your blog.

Many thanks from an appreciative mum.