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This page provides useful details and links to Utah Homeschool Groups and Homeschooling Associations in Utah where you can access further information on homechooling and homeschool support including State laws, regulations and requirements for the homeschooling of children and students in Utah.

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Utah Homeschooling Resources

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Utah Homeschool Associations

Utah Home Education Association

Utah Homeschool Groups on Facebook

Utah Homeschool Network
Utah LDS Home Educators
Utah Valley Homeschoolers
Utah LDS Homeschoolers
Homeschooling in Saratoga Springs, Utah
South Utah Valley Homeschoolers
Homeschoolers Northern Utah
Utah Homeschool Field Trips
Utah Homeschool Curriculum Swap
Utah Valley Homeschool Playgroup
Utah Secular Homeschooling
Utah Catholic Homeschooling Families
Waldorf Homeschoolers of Utah
Southern Utah Homeschool Group
Utah County Homeschool Indoor Yard Sale
NorthEastern Utah Homeschoolers
Utah's homeschool curriculum yardsale

Utah Homeschool Groups

Utah Homeschooling Yahoo Groups

Wasatch Home Educators Network
LDS Homeschoolers in Utah
Utah Homeschool
Forum for Homeschoolers in Utah

Other Useful Utah Homeschool Information

Utah Department of Education - Utah K-12 State Standards and Curriculum Requirements

Utah Department of Education - Utah Homeschooling Information

Home School Legal Defense Association - Utah Homeschooling News, State Legislation and Laws for Homeschooling

Utah Homeschool Laws and State Requirements

State requires parental notification only.

All States that have low requirements for homeschooling:

Alabama, Arizona, California, Kansas, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico

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