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Great Works of Art: Giotto's Arena Chapel

Video title: Giotto's Arena Chapel

Watch this video about Giotto's Arena Chapel - a masterpiece from the Italian Renaissance and recognized as one of the worlds Great Works of Art.

Study Giotto's Arena Chapel, an amazing example of Renaissance art, built by the man considered to be the grandfather of Italian art. Learn about the life and times of the man who created this masterpiece.


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Great Works of Art: Giotto's Arena Chapel. Learning Objectives for this video:

  • Giotto?s Arena Chapel. Learn about Giotto-s Arena Chapel. Increase your understanding of art and its interpretation of life through the spiritual works of Giotto-s Arena Chapel.
  • Witness how the frescoes of Giotto-s Arena Chapel breathed new life into traditional Christian symbols and ushered in the Italian Renaissance.
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