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Online Learning for Educating Students with Learning Disabilities

This e-learning program for students with learning disabilities offers a solution for educating learning disabled students and online learning for educating children and students with Learning Disabilities



Nearly 1 in every 12 children of school-age has some form of learning disability, and at least 20% of them have a type of learning disorder or difficulty that makes it difficult to focus.

You can't tell by looking that a person has a learning disability, which can make learning disabilities hard to diagnose.

But more importantly what you can do to help and address the problem, is to make every effort to provide the information that you want them to learn or study from, is in a format that best suits their individual needs - and interests them.

By insisting that a text book or printed materials be used as the only way to provide information to that child or student, is just the opposite to what they need and can often compound the problem causing frustration, and an increasing lack of interest in learning anything.

Yet many of these children and students with Learning Disabilities are extremely bright and highly creative with a strong desire to learn and excel.

While some Learning Disabilities are more severe than others, the majority of children respond to visual stimulation.

These children and students with Learning Disabilities are often Visual Learners, so you provide the information you want them to study in a visual format.

Video provides that ideal visual format, and by ensuring that the video you use to deliver that information is adequately subtitled, you are providing each child or student with the choice to learn by watching, listening to, or reading the information being delivered to them on that video.

In other words, not only are you allowing for their preferred learning style, you are also enabling them to learn in the manner that they enjoy and that interests them the most.

But for those kids with more severe Learning Disabilities, the use of video alone may not be the complete answer. And this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

Allowing them first to identify the subjects and topics that interest them, can dramatically spark their interest to learn more and create the foundation from which to introduce other topics.

So here's the Good News!

Zane Education currently provides the only online video library that is also fully subtitled. It offers immediate access to the online teaching of 260+ curriculum topics across 12 subjects, for students of all ages, using an inexpensive online monthly or annual subscription system costing from as little as between $8.99 to $17.99 per month.

Each topic is supported with

  • A Lesson Planning Guide providing additional supplemental activities for learning that topic,
  • Interactive study tools, and
  • Online testing using multiple choice quizzes, with all correct and incorrect answers being fully explained to ensure the learning process continues.

And because our videos are appropriately subtitled, they also offer each student the opportunity to improve their reading at the same time because they can associate those words with images, and hear how the words are pronounced - in much the same way that the use of phonics is considered to be the best way to learn to read.

The use of video also enables each child to learn entirely at their own speed which is essential in allowing them to achieve their greatest individual potential.

Zane Education's online Visual Learning solution offers an ideal learning resource for the child or student with Learning Disabilities and it can provide a much more affordable alternative to specialist tutors that are only available at certain times.

Change your child's life right now by enabling them to enjoy learning - and their education. End their frustration and stimulate that natural desire to learn which will secure their future.

To purchase your subscription and for further information about your choice of subscriptions, go to the Buy a Subscription page.

And when you have completed your purchase, please don't forget to visit our Downloads page where you will find a wide selection of freely downloadable User Guides including a Guide specifically for the child.


Subjects include: Science & Biology, Social Studies (History & Geography), English (Literature & Writing), Math (free), Art, Music, Religious Studies, Health, Library Skills, Social Sciences.

Zane's online learning benefits...

Our unique and advanced online learning solution provides these significant and unequalled benefits for those parents and teachers of children with learning difficulties and disabilities:

  • Parent or Caregiver Benefits
  • No special Tutors or special classes needed
  • Simple and straight forward to use
  • Produces better learning outcomes
  • Quickly identify what interests your child
  • Family subscription includes all children
  • Available online at any time 24/7
  • Children's Benefits
  • Makes learning fun and more interesting
  • Provides for different learning styles
  • Stimulates each child's learning process
  • Improves reading and literacy skills
  • Enables child to learn at their own speed
  • Helps develop independent learning

Membership Options

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Access to the use of our full subtitled videos is a Premium Service and requires the purchase of a Gold, Silver or Bronze Membership subscription

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  • Free math videos
  • All quizzes for each topic
  • Video study tools
  • Downloadable Lesson Plans
  • Learning objectives
  • Other onsite resources
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* Subscription Options:

Gold Membership - all videos for all subjects for all Grades

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