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Educational Competitions

Visit and LIKE our Facebook page and take part in our regular educational competitions:

Competition 1:

Each day we conduct the Daily Educational Question Competiton on our FaceBook page where a multiple-choice question from our free Video of the Day is presented. The player providing the first correct answer receives 3 points, the second correct answer receives 2 points and the third correct answer receives 1 point. The first player to 25 points wins a 12-month Gold Membership subscription worth $200 for the Zane Education website.

Players from outside North America are required to place their country of origin in front of their answer each day so that they can be scored separately to thos players from within North America. This competition was originally aimed at providing Homeschool families with a daily educational activity of the day and to take part with their children giving them the opportunity to show their children how to use the Internet to research the correct answers. However the competition is open to parents, teachers, homeschoolers and home educators, students, caregivers and everyone else that wants to take part.

A popular feature of this competition is that repetitive winners are allowed and encouraged to donate their prizes to either Special Needs families or families that are not as well of as themselves. This provides those winners and particularly their children to experience the Joys of Giving from an early age.

Competition 2:

Each month we select one winner from all those people that have LIKED our FaceBook page to win a 12-month Gold Membership subscription for the Zane Education website worth $200. Everyone is welcome to take part.