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Disabled Support Groups and Disabled Educational Resources

This page provides details of disabled support groups and disabled support services. It also provides information on disability education resources and disability learning resources for students being educated in the classoom or at home.

This information is provided as a service by Zane Education.

We welcome any suggestions of additional disabled support groups or educational resources for the disabled for this page and invite you to use our Contact Page to provide us with details of these websites - and links to them, that you feel will be of benefit to other families educating their disabled children.


Educational Resources for the Disabled

Online Visual Learning for the Disabled - a highly effective and affordable online learning resource for educating children and students with disabilities that provides the ideal alternative to textbooks and printed material that many students with disabilities are unable to use.


Disabled Associations

Disability Resource Association
Learning Disabilities Association of America
Association for Disabled Americans
Agnes Scott Disabled Students Association
American Disability Association
Disabled Businesspersons Association
The National Organization on Disability
North Dakota Association for the Disabled
American Association of People with Disabilities
World Association of Persons with Disabilities
Mobility International USA

National Educational Association of Disabled Students
Ontario Association on Developmental Disabilities

Harrow Association of Disabled People
Greenwich Association of Disabled People
The Association of Disabled Professionals
Disability Rights UK

Association for Children with a Disability

New Zealand
Disabled Persons Assembly NZ
Taranaki Paraplegic and Physically Disabled Association

Other Countries
The International Disability and Development Consortium
The Association of People with Disability - India
Disabled Persons' Association of Bhutan
Disabled People's Association Singapore
Disabled Welfare Association, Karachi - India
Bahamas Association for the Physically Disabled
Disabled Person Association Malaysia
The Fiji Disabled Peoples Association
The Norwegian Association of Disabled
Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya
The Association for the Physically Disabled Greater Johannesburg - South Africa
Society of the Disabled Persons in Penang, Malaysia


Disabled Magazines and Publications

Disability World
New Mobility
Active Living

Disabled Support Groups on Facebook

Cornwall Parents of Disabled Children Support Network - UK
Learning Disabled and Proud - and the people who support them
Support Group For The Disabled
UK Disabled People's and Carer's Support Group
Disability Support and Chat
Disability Support - Ontario, Canada
Support People With Learning Disabilities
Wales support group for children with learning disabilities / difficulties
Parents and Children with Disabilities Support Group
Having and Supporting Disabilities
Disability Support Group


Disabled Homeschool Groups

Homeschooling Children with Disabilities
Homeschooling Moms Teaching Kids with Disabilities


Disabled Support Groups on Yahoo


Special Schools for the Disabled


Other Useful Disabled Information


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