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Online Education and Learning for Disabled Students

Our online Visual Learning solution provides online teaching resources, education and online learning for disabled students and children with disabilities



Online learning provides an essential educational resource for those children and students whose disabilities prevent them from attending school on either a part-time or full time basis.

Those children need - and deserve, access to an online learning solution that is interesting, fun and more beneficial to use for their studies than text books and printed material.

While their disabilities may restrict their physical mobility, most disabled students are extremely intelligent and welcome the opportunity to be able to learn at their own speed - which is key to them achieving their greatest individual potential.

By providing children with disabilities with the resources they need to succeed in their education, not only helps to secure their future, it also helps develop their confidence and self esteem, which are often effected by their situation.

It is for this reason that selecting an educational resource that provides for each child's preferred Learning Style is so vitally important.

And this is exactly where Zane Education's online Visual Learning solution excels.

At the heart of our online Learning solution is the our online educational video library that provides online teaching for more than 260 curriculum topics across 11 subjects, for kids of all ages.

And what makes Zane Education so unique is that we are the only company that have subtitled on their online educational videos - and it is this essential feature that provides each student with the choice to learn by watching, listening to, or reading each presentation.

It is this choice that helps provide for the greatest range of Learning Styles.

The majority of children and students are visual learners, and by providing them with the use of online video as a teaching tool means that their education comes alive, offering a stimulating way to learn that captures and maintains their attention for much longer periods of time.

In fact video is much like having your own personal teacher with a stop, start and rewind button, ensuring they have the opportunity absorb every piece of information provided.

But our online learning solution offers much more. The video teaching of each curriculum topic is complimented with:

  • A Lesson Planning Guide providing additional supplemental activities for the learning of that topic,
  • Interactive study tools that enable each topic to be fully explored and investigated,
  • and online testing using multiple choice quizzes - with each correct and incorrect answer being fully explained to ensure the learning process continues.
  • And finally, the feature that is helping to revolutionize online learning. Because our online videos are subtitled, they also offer each student the opportunity to improve their Reading and Literacy skills at the same time they are studying each topic.

Schools set up specifically to educate children with disabilities are hard to find, and generally extremely expensive. In fact they are so expensive they are often well beyond the financial reach of most families.

So here is the best news of all.

Zane Education's online Visual Learning solution offers a much more affordable alternative.

Our inexpensive online monthly or annual subscription system provides you with access to our online learning resources costing from as little as $8.99 to $17.99 per month. A cost that is significantly cheaper than buying text books or other printed materials to study with.*For the minimal cost of even one month's subscription you have the opportunity to make a huge difference to your child's life.

Our customers generally find that it makes the difference between their child enjoying learning - and their education, and their frustration of having to rely on text books - which is often the single greatest reason for a child becoming disinterested and frustrated with learning. And of course it's all available online.

Your decision right now to purchase that first month's subscription could end their frustration and stimulate that natural desire to learn which will secure their future. If not, you can cancel that subscription at any time.

To purchase your subscription and for further information about your choice of subscriptions, go to our Buy a Subscription page.

And when you have completed your purchase, please don't forget to visit our Downloads page where you will find a wide selection of freely downloadable User Guides including a Guide for the Disabled Student, provided to help you and your child achieve the best results from our online resources.

*** Subjects include: Science & Biology, Social Studies (History & Geography), English (Literature & Writing), Math (free), Art, Music, Religious Studies, Health, Library Skills, Social Sciences.

Zane's online learning benefits...

Our unique and advanced online learning solution provides these significant and unequalled benefits:

  • Parent or Caregiver Benefits
  • Reduces lesson preparation time and stress
  • Clear, straight forward and simple to use
  • Produces better learning outcomes
  • Enables students to study on their own
  • One family subscription includes all children
  • Available online at any time 24/7
  • Student Benefits
  • Makes learning fun and more interesting
  • Provides for different learning styles
  • Students study each topic effectively
  • Improves reading and literacy skills
  • Enables child to learn at their own speed
  • Helps develop independent learning

Membership Options

Customers can complete a free Registration for a Basic Membership by going to our Registration Page.

Access to the use of our full subtitled videos is a Premium Service and requires the purchase of a Gold, Silver or Bronze Membership subscription

  • Features
  • Disabled User Guide
  • Subtitled Educational Videos *
  • DEMO Subtitled Videos
  • Free math videos
  • All quizzes for each topic
  • Video study tools
  • Downloadable Lesson Plans
  • Learning objectives
  • Other onsite resources
  • Zane Video catalogue (PDF)
  • Tech Support
  • Zane Home Learning Guide
  • Christian Learning Guide
  • Free Membership
  • 72 hour
  • Register FREE

* Subscription Options:

Gold Membership - all videos for all subjects for all Grades

Silver Membership - all videos for all subjects for the chosen Grade

Bronze Membership - all videos for all Grades for the chosen Subject