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Online Visual learning resources for educating ADHD students using online video. Ideal ADHD education resources and ADHD learning tools for online education of children with ADHD or ADD



In recent years the diagnosis of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD, has increased dramatically to include approximately 11% of all children of school age.

The one thing that many of these school children and students share in common is their dislike of - and disinterest in, using textbooks as a learning resource.

Text books and other printed materials fail to capture, attract or maintain their interest or their attention.

The use of video as a learning medium however, provides a dynamic and more effective alternative for many of these students, by helping to attract and maintain their attention for longer periods of time.

It is for this reason that more and more teachers and parents are now using Zane Education’s online Visual Learning solution as a way to make the learning process more interesting and compelling for the student with ADD or ADHD.

While there are several parts to Zane’s Visual Learning solution, it is their use of an extensive online subtitled online video library teaching more than 260 curriculum topics that provides the second significant benefit for the child with ADHD.

Many children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD are extremely bright and highly creative with a strong desire to learn and excel. So we strongly recommend that parents and teachers using our Visual Learning solution start by allowing each child to explore our entire video library and have them identify those subjects and topics in which they have a natural interest.

By enabling them to select these preferred topics - as opposed to dictating what we think they should learn, can often dramatically spark their interest to learn more, and create the foundation from which to introduce other topics.

So now let’s introduce you to Zane Education.

Zane Education, a company whose online Visual Learning solution is now being increasingly talked about in homes and schools - by parents and teachers alike, provides an online learning resource that is the first to offer children the option to learn, by watching, listening to, or reading.

Using a comprehensive online library of subtitled educational videos, developed specially for teaching a wide variety of curriculum subjects, they provide a method of teaching a subject visually that is more stimulating and interesting than the traditional textbook, while the subtitles on that video provide the means of improving students Reading and Literacy skills.

Not only does the use of video as a teaching resource attract and maintain the student’s attention for longer periods of lime, it also provides the ideal way to enable each child or student to learn and study AT THEIR OWN SPEED.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that Zane Education is just one more online video provider, because video is just one part of our online Visual Learning solution – there is much more.

The video teaching of each curriculum topic is complimented with:

  • A Lesson Planning Guide providing additional supplemental activities for the learning of that topic,
  • Interactive study tools that enable each topic to be fully explored and investigated,
  • and online testing using multiple choice quizzes - with each correct and incorrect answer being fully explained to ensure the learning process continues.
  • The online Study Center which provides access to an ever increasing selection of additional educational research tools and resources.

Zane’s website provides immediate access to the online teaching of 260+ curriculum topics across 12 subjects, for students and kids of all ages, using an inexpensive online monthly or annual subscription system costing from as little as between $8.99 to $17.99 per month.

YOU can change your child's life right now by:

  • Enabling them to enjoy learning,
  • Improve their reading and literacy skills
  • .…. and MOST IMPORTANTLY, by enabling them to learn at their own speed and achieve their greatest potential.

YES. YOU have the power to end their frustration and re-stimulate that natural desire to learn which will secure their future.

To PURCHASE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION and for further information about your choice of subscriptions, go to our Buy a Subscription page.

Please Note that the Annual Gold Membership subscription available for just $197.89 offers you and your family the VERY BEST VALUE by far - with the 12th month free, One Hundred Dollars worth of free educational gifts – and immediate access to our entire online video library and all the other resources we provide.

And when you have completed your purchase, please don't forget to visit our Downloads page where you will find a wide selection of freely downloadable User Guides including a Guide for Reading Improvement, provided to help you and your child achieve the best results from our online resources.


Subjects include: Science & Biology, Social Studies (History & Geography), English (Literature & Writing), Math (free), Art, Music, Religious Studies, Health, Library Skills, Social Sciences.

Zane's online learning benefits...

Our advanced online learning solution provides these significant and unequalled benefits for those parents of children with ADHD:

  • Parent or Caregiver Benefits
  • No special Tutors or special classes needed
  • Simple and straight forward to use
  • Produces better learning outcomes
  • Quickly identify what interests your child
  • Family subscription includes all children
  • Available online at any time 24/7
  • Childs Benefits
  • Makes learning fun and more interesting
  • Students encouraged in quiz tests
  • Stimulates each child's learning process
  • Improves reading and literacy skills
  • Enables child to learn at their own speed
  • Helps develop independent learning

Membership Options

Customers can complete a free Registration for a Basic Membership by going to our Registration Page.

Access to the use of our full subtitled videos is a Premium Service and requires the purchase of a Gold, Silver or Bronze Membership subscription

  • Features
  • ADD/ADHD Student Guide
  • Subtitled Educational Videos *
  • DEMO Subtitled Videos
  • Free math videos
  • All quizzes for each topic
  • Video study tools
  • Downloadable Lesson Plans
  • Learning objectives
  • Other onsite resources
  • Zane Video catalogue (PDF)
  • Tech Support
  • Zane Home Learning Guide
  • Christian Learning Guide
  • Free Membership
  • 72 hour
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* Subscription Options:

Gold Membership - all videos for all subjects for all Grades

Silver Membership - all videos for all subjects for the chosen Grade

Bronze Membership - all videos for all Grades for the chosen Subject