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Great Works of Art: Guernica by Pablo Picasso

Video title: Picasso's Guernica

Watch this video about The Guernica painted by Pablo Picasso - a 20th century Great Work of Art by the painter Pablo Picasso 

Learn about the impact that the events of the Spanish Civil War had upon Picasso, and how the Guernica catastrophe prompted him to express through this mural, his passionate condemnation of war and brutality. With this title you will examine the creative process involved in the creation of this mural, by looking at some of the Picasso's sketches, done both before and during the painting. You will analyze the painting, and look at the different techniques Picasso uses to convey his message.


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Great Works of Art: Guernica by Pablo Picasso. Learning Objectives for this video:

  • Guernica and Picasso. Learn about Picasso-s Guernica. With this video, you-ll study the themes of warfare and conflict in one of the world-s most noted works of art: Picasso-s Guernica.
  • Examine Pablo Picasso-s controversial twentieth-century masterpiece Guernica, which is as much a political statement as it is a work of art.
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