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Subtitles and Closed Captions on Video

The Missing Piece© ... and it's Impact in Education

With over 94% of teachers now regularly using video in the classroom as an effective teaching aid, there has been a dramatic increase in number of websites attempting to provide the use of educational video online. Yet virtually without exception all those service providers have overlooked the inclusion of the one important feature that arguably brings about the most important educational benefits for all children and students – the subtitles, or otherwise known as Closed Captioning.

A significant amount of successful research carried out over the last 30 years by people like Dr.Brij Kothari, Greg McCall, Susan Homan, the late Dr. Alice Killackey and many others, has established a powerful link between the use of subtitles on video and the potential to dramatically improve reading and literacy skills in our children.

In recent years Dr. Alice Killackey followed up 5 years of research work by developing a reading program which once implement produced impressive results, including using subtitled video to improve a child’s reading age by as much as one year, in as little as just six weeks. Such are the importance of subtitles – and the benefits they provide children of all ages – we describe them officially as The Missing Piece©.

As the owner of the largest and most comprehensive FULLY SUBTITLED online educational video library, we now enable teachers and parents to provide their students and children to study a wide range of curriculum subjects online – and improve their reading and Literacy Skills – AT THE SAME TIME.

The inclusion of closed captions also provides significant benefits for a wide range of special needs children, children learning English as a Second Language, as well as enhancing the audio-visual nature of video to help provide an online learning solution for the widest range of Learning Styles by providing each child with the ability to watch, read, listen to, or read each video presentation – according to their level of ability and preferred learning style.

And Video Subtitles Provide an Additional Bonus...

The repetitive actions involved in learning to read are very similar to those that help children learn and remember the facts they are studying. As a result, using our subtitled videos as a study tool enables the learning of one skill to help reinforce the knowledge being gained in another, and vice versa.

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