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How our videos and quizzes can help teachers and schools

Since the mid-1990's Zane's K12 educational software has been in constant use by teachers in schools across the United States as well as a growing number of other countries.

Now Zane's entire library of over 1,000 online K12 educational videos is available to use online.

The reason that Zane has been so successful is not simply because it provided educational content written and developed by educators for educators, it is because we wanted to provide a very user friendly teaching aid for teachers, that taught the facts about a particular subject that was required to be taught as part of the curriculum.

Originally published on CD-ROM it could be used by the teacher at the front of the class or, by each student individually on their own PC or Mac thereby allowing them to learn at their own speed.

Now available for use online over the Internet 24 hours a day, it requires no installation and can be used in every classroom regardless of the type of computers being used by your school.

Throughout that time teachers have told us how much easier it made their lives, and how effective it has been with their students. And the students of all age groups have told us how much more interesting they have found it rather than simply having to rely on text books.

Online Video and Online Testing:

One of the most significant features of our online subscription service is that our teaching videos are all accompanied by online interactive quizzes. Each topic is taught by one or more videos following, which the student can then be tested or, test themselves on what they have learnt.


The subscription prices shown on this website are provided for the private customer.

We provide a special annual pricing structure and Site License for the use of our videos and quizzes in schools and learning institutions, and we will be happy to provide a special quotation for you upon receiving your request. (Please see out contact page here)

We also provide a special price specifically for teachers that wish to try out our online video service as an option to spending many hours unsuccessfully on YouTube looking for videos they might be able to use in the classroom. Teachers can select any one of our 240 video topics to use in their classroom for a 30-day period for the price of only $5.00.

By extending this special offer to teachers we hope that they will be suitably impressed with the potential usefulness of our online K12 education video subscription service, and make a recommendation to their school to enquire about an annual subscription for the entire school to use.