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Your Online Education Business Opportunity

Are You Looking for an Online Education Opportunity?


Work with us OR Use our content for your own online educational startup in your country - an exceptional opportunity in the world of online education.

DO YOU have one or more of these skills - teaching, instructional design, webdevelopment, programming, marketing, funding or even corporate management.

This opportunity could lead to you becoming part of an established educational startup - OR even starting your own.

We own a comprehensive libraries of online educational video content developed specifically for teaching of the K-12 curriculum, accompanied by a database of content to provide online testing and assessment for each of the 260 curriculum topics.

Our video content is all fully subtitled allowing it to be used to teach each topic, and improve students reading and literacy skills, simultaneously.

It also provides a significant resource in the field of English as a Second Language - so this opportunity has application in a number of countries around the world.

This content can be equally efffectively deployed to provide an online visual learning solution in the school classroom, home education, and particularly the online education of Special Needs - a field where there is great demand and little online competition.

We are particularly interested in partnerships where we provide the content, and you take your idea and vision to the market in your part of the world.

We will consider all commercially sensible proposals, but your proposal will need to convince us of your committment and capability to turn your vision into reality.

Alternatively you might simply prefer to join our team.

So how great an opportunity is this for you?

Let's simply say that it would take in excess of $20m to recreate the library of content we have available.

And why are we prepared to offer this opportunity?

Because we do not have the funding or resources ourselves to conduct a global marketing campaign so we will work with others to ensure greater number of children have access to the online learning resources they need.

** For more information about this business opportunity or to submit a Proposal, please contact Nicholas Tee - the CEO of Zane Education, either through his Linked-In page, or alternatively using our Contact Page on this website.


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