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List of Italian Words and Terms in English

Use this list of Italian words and terms in English usage for Grade 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 elementary, middle school and high school students and kids to learn and understand a selection of commonly used Italian words and Italian Terms in English use.


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A Words

A cappella (Italian):
(ah kah-PEL-la)
Unaccompanied singing, especially choral music. Example: Since the last half of the recital will be sung a cappella, the instrumentalists will be able to fill another engagement on the same evening.

adagio (Italian):
Leisurely. Adagio describes musch that is to be played slowly.

alfresco (Italian):
Taking place in an open air; dining out of doors. Example: Mozart preferred to dine alfresco, under the stars.

Allegro (Italian):
Merry. Allegro describes music that is to played in a fast and lively manner.

andante (Italian):
Walking along. Andante describes music that is to be played at a steady, moderate pace.

B Words

bolognese (Italian):
In the style of the city of Bologna. Example: Spaghetti bolognese is spaghetti with meat sauce.

Bravura (Italian):
Bravery; a display of spirit and dash. Example: The truth is that young Mr. Bixon i incapable of the kind of bravura pianism required by the showier compositions of Liszt.

C Words

Cicerone (Italian):
(chee-chay-RO-nay or sis-er-OWN)
a guide to a museum or other sights (like the ancient statesmand and writer Cicero) Example: Our cicerone left us at the end of the tour.

con amore (Italian):
(knoe ah-MOHR-ay)
With love and devotion; tendernly; Example: you will be able to play this passage con amore if you slow down slightly

D Words

dolce far niente
(DOL-chay FAR NYEN-tay)
Sweet inactivity. Example: By February, the overworked students were longing for a summer of dolce far niente.

dolce vita (Italian): See - la dolce vita

F Words

forte (Italian):
(abbreviated f) Strong. In music. Loud.

fortissimo (Italian):
(abbreviated fff) Extremely strong. In music, extremely loud.

L Words

la dolce vita (Italian):
(la DOL-chay VEE-tah)
Sweet life, life of pleasure. Example: When he got his inheritance, he quit his job and devoted himself to la dolce vita.

M Words

ma non troppo (Italian):
(mah nohn TROP-po)
But not too much (used in musical directions; for example, adagio ma non troppo means "slow, but not too slow"

P Words

pianissimo (Italian):
abbgreviated ppp) (Musical term.) Extremely soft.

piano (Italian):
(abbreviated p) (musical term.) Soft.

presto (Italian):
Rapidly; quickly, a direction in muscle calling for a fast tempo. Example: In the traditional sonata the second movement is usually a presto movement.

punctilio (Italian):
A fine point; a nice point of behavior or etiquette; fastidiousness; meticulousness. Example: the duel was fought with the utmost punctilio; neither of the contestants was injred, and their honor was satisfied.

V Words

vendetta (Italian):
A blood fued; from the feuding families of Corsica who avenged the death of relatives. Example: the rivalry betwen the gangs has developed into a vendetta in which three youths have already been slain.


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