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Abbreviations Dictionary

Use this online Abbreviations Dictionary resource for elementary, middle school, high school and college students and teachers, provided to find and identify common Engish and American abbreviations.


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A Abbreviations
A.D. Anno Domini (the year of the Lord)
abbr. abbreviation
abr. abridged, abridgment
acct. account
ad inf. ad infinitum (to infinity)
ad lib. ad libitum (at will)
AC. alternating currency
AM. amplitude modulation
amp. amphere
anon. anonymous
app. appendix
art. arts article, articles
atm. standard atmosphere

B Abbreviations

b. born
bal. balance
B.C. before Christ
BP. boiling point
bibliog. bibliography
bk., bks. book, books
Btu British thermal unit
bu. bushel

C Abbreviations

C. Celsius
ca.,c. circa (about)
cal gram calorie
Cal kilogram calorie
C.E. common era
cf. compare, confer
ch chapter
COD cash on delivery
copr. or c copyright
col., cols., column, columns
cu. cubic

D Abbreviations

d. day
d. died
db decibel
DC direct current
dept. department
diss. dissertation
doz. dozen

E Abbreviations

ea. each
ed. edition, editor
e.g. exempli gratia (for example)
et al. et alii (and others)
et seq. et sequens (and the following)
etc. et cetera (and others, and so forth)
ex. example

F Abbreviations

f., ff. following page, following pages
F Fahrenheit
FM frequency modulation
fig., figs. figure, figures
fl. oz. fluid ounce
ft. foot
ft lb foot-pound

G Abbreviations

g gram
gal. gallon

H Abbreviations

h. hr. hour
ha hectare
HP horsepower

I Abbreviations

ibid. ibidem (the same)
id. idem (the same)
i.e. id est (that is)
in. inch
incl. inclusive, including, includes
inf. infra (below)
IQ intelligence quotient

J Abbreviations

Jr. junior

K Abbreviations

K Kelvin
kg kilogram
kwh kilowatt-hour

L Abbreviations

l liter
l.ll lines, lines
lb. pound
loc. cit. loco citato (in the place cited)

M Abbreviations

m meter
mdse merchandise
mfg., mfr. manufacturing, manufacturer
me. mile
min. minute
MP melting point
MPG miles per gallon
MPH miles per hour
ms., mss. manuscript, manuscripts

N Abbreviations

n.b. nota bene (note well)
n.d. no date
no., nos. number numbers
non seq. non sequitur (does not follow)

O Abbreviations

op. cit. opere citato (in the work cited)
oz. ounce

P Abbreviations

p., pp. page, pages
par. paragraph
pass. passim (throughout), passive
pd. paid
pH measure of acidity or alkalinity
pk. peck
pl. plural
prep. preposition
pt. part
pt. pint
pub. published, publication

Q Abbreviations

qt. quart

R Abbreviations

RF radio frequency
R.I.P. requiescat in pace (may he/she rest in peace)

S Abbreviations

sec. second
sec. section
ser. series
sic so
sq., sq square
Sr. senior
st. stanza
std. standard
STP standard temperature and pressure
supp.q supplement
syn. synonym, synonymous

T Abbreviations

trans., tr. translator, translation, translated by

V Abbreviations

v., vb. verb
vol., vols. volume, volumes
v., vs. versus (against)

Y Abbreviations

yd. yard
yr. year

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