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Dyslexia Support Groups and Dyslexia Educational Resources

This page provides details of Dyslexia support groups for parents and Dyslexia support services for adults. It also provides information on Dyslexia educational resources and Dyslexia educational support, and educational programs and networks for students and children with Dyslexia.

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We welcome any suggestions of additional Dyslexia Support websites for this page and invite you to use our Contact Page to provide us with details of these websites - and links to them, that you feel will be of benefit to other families educating their dyslexic children.


Educational Resources for Dyslexia

Online Visual Learning for Dyslexia - a highly effective and affordable online learning resource for educating children and students with Dyslexia that provides the ideal alternative to textbooks and printed material that most students with dyslexia are unable to use.


Dyslexia Associations

American Dyslexia Association>
The UK Dyslexia Association (UK)
British Dyslexia Association
International Dyslexia Association
European Dyslexia Association
Davis Dyslexia Association


Dyslexia Magazines and Publications

Dyslexia Online Magazine
Dyslexia Contact


Dyslexia Support Groups on Facebook

In America

Dyslexia Support Group Tooele, Utah
Madison Learning Differences dyslexia support group - North Alabama
Dyslexia Support Network, Southern Maryland
Parents Support Of Children With Dyslexia
Dyslexia Awareness and Support of South Alabama
Tyler Area - Dyslexia Support
IDEAS - Impacting Dyslexia Education Awareness and Support
Dyslexia support - for parents of dyslexic children
Dyspraxia/Dyslexia/ADHD Support and Help
Dyslexia Support Group
Support Dyslexia
Dyslexia Testing and Support
Dyslexia Support Network, Southern Maryland
Dyslexia Support Group Madison Alabama
Decoding Dyslexia Ohio Family Support
Dyslexia, Learning and Support Group Florida
Decoding Dyslexia MS Homeschool Support

In the UK

Essex Dyslexia Support Group
Dyslexia Support for Parents in Windsor & Maidenhead Area
Dyslexia Support Group For Children and Parents in South Yorkshire
Dyslexia Foundation UK
Support 4 Dyslexia
Dyslexia Support Warrington
Dyslexia Support
Dyslexia Support Agency
Dyslexia - Staffordshire - Support
Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Support
Solent Dyslexia Support Group
Powys Dyslexia Support Group
Salisbury Dyslexia Support Group
Happy Eye Dyslexia support group

In Australia

Dyslexia Sydney Support Group
Dyslexia Melbourne Support Group
Perth, WA Dyslexia Support Group
Dyslexia Newcastle (Australia) Support Group
Clarence and Northern Rivers NSW Dyslexia Support
Irlen dyslexia parent support Northern Sydney
Dyslexia Support Australia
Gold Coast Dyslexia Support Group
Resources 4 Kids and Dyslexia Assessment and Support Services
Dyslexia Support - South Australia
Dyslexia Support Group West
Dyslexia Support and Advocates Melbourne
Square Pegs Tasmania Dyslexia Support & Advocacy

In New Zealand

Dyslexia Support New Zealand
Tauranga Dyslexia Support Group
Dyslexia Support Taupo

In Other Countries

Gibraltar Dyslexia Support Group
Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties Support Zimbabwe
Brunei Dyslexia Support Group
Bajan Stars Dyslexia Support Organization Barbados


Dyslexia Homeschool Groups

Decoding Dyslexia MS Homeschool Support
Decoding Dyslexia OH Homeschool Support
Dyslexia Homeschool Australia


Dyslexia Support Groups on Yahoo

Homeschooling Dyslexic Kids
Parents of Children With Dyslexia
Dyslexia Support
Dyslexia Support Group


Special Schools for Dyslexia

Brock's Academy - Washington
Park Academy - Oregon
Athena Academy - California
Charles Armstrong School - California
Chartwell School - California
Denver Academy - Colorado
On-Track Academy - California
Frostig School - California


Other Useful Dyslexia Information


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