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K12 Video Curriculum Aligned with Standards

All videos provided in our online educational video library have been developed specifically to meet the requirements of the National, State and Common Core curriculums.

All of the educational material and content delivered by our subtitled K12 video curriculum is aligned with stanadards relevant to each State because wZane Education appreciate that K12 curriculum alignment is essential.

Unlike the majority of online educational video currently available online that was originally intended for a range of purposes from television distribution to conference demonstrations, all of the videos available for use in our online educational video library, have been developed specifically for use by teachers in the classroom - or parents homeschooling, to provide a reliable online resource for teaching a range of curriculum subjects.

It is with this purpose in mind that it was imperative that each one of our online educational videos was appropriately aligned to Federal, State, and now Common Core curriculum standards, wherever and whenever appropriate.

Similarly all of the other online educational resources provided, including our interactive quizzes that provide online testing, lesson plans and interactive study tools that combined provide our overall online Visual Learning solution for teachers and parents, also had to meet thos standards.

If at any time you as a teacher or parent, have any questions about the issue of curriculum alignment, please do not hesitate to contact us using our Contact page.

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