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Autism Support Groups and Autism Educational Resources

This page provides details of Autism support groups for parents and Autism support services for adults. It also provides information on Autism educational resources and Autism educational support, and educational programs and networks for students and children with Autism.

This information is provided as a service by Zane Education.

We welcome any suggestions of additional Autism Support websites for this page and invite you to use our Contact Page to provide us with details of these websites - and links to them, that you feel will be of benefit to other families educating their Autistic children.


Educational Resources for Autism

Online Visual Learning for Autism - a highly effective and affordable online learning resource for educating children and students with Autism that provides the ideal alternative to textbooks and printed material that most students with Autism are unable to use.

Autism Associations

National Autism Association
American Autism Association
Autism Services Association
Autism Association of Northeast Arkansas
National Autism Association of North Texas
National Autism Association - New York Metro
Lake County Autism Association - Florida
Northern Michigan Autism Association
Mid Michigan Autism Association
Association for Houston Autism - Texas
National Autism Association of Western Utah
Logan County Autism Association
National Autism Association - Arkansas
US Autism and Asperger Association
National Autism Association Central California

North Staffordshire Asperger Autism Association

Autism Association of Western Australia

New Zealand
Autism Associates NZ

Other Countries
National Centre for Autism - India
Cork Association for Autism - Ireland
International Autism Association for Families and Educators
Maldives Autism Association
Autism Parents Association - Malta
Association For Autism - South Africa
Autism Association In Lattakia - Syria
Autism Association of Mongolia
Autism Aspergers Help Association - Malaysia
Association for Adults with Autism Philippines
Autism Association of Barbados
Jamaica Autism Support Association
Turkish Autism Association


Autism Magazines and Publications

Autism Parenting Magazine
Autism Spectrum
Autism Eye
Autism Aspergers Digest


Autism Support Groups on Facebook

Autism (A Mothers Support Group)
Autism Group
Autism and Special Needs Action Group
WrongPlanet Autism Group
Autism Families Group
Autism Awareness Support Group
Autism Sharing Group
Autism and Aspergers Support Group - Sydney
Piece By Piece Autism Association
National Autism Association - Southeast Ohio
Seneca Autism Learning and Support Group - Ohio
The Autism Society of America
Autism Discussion Page
Autism Awareness


Autism Homeschool Groups

Homeschooling Autism
Homeschooling with Autism Spectrum Disorders - A place to share and support
Homeschooling on the spectrum: Autism, aspergers, PDD
Autism and Homeschooling
Autism & Homeschool
Autism Homeschoolers (Ireland)
Autism rocks/homeschooling
Secular Homeschool, SPD, ADHD and Autism - Living outside of the box
North Texas Autism, Asperger's and ADHD Homeschooling Friends
Adelaide ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Homeschoolers - Australia


Autism Support Groups on Yahoo

Autism - Australia
Autism Spectrum in Florida
Macomb/St.Clair County Chapter of the Autism Society of America
Autism Spectrum
India Autism Forum
Wisconsin Autism
Parenting Autism
Autism Resource Network for Georgia


Special Schools for Autism


Other Useful Autism Information


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